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Provided by: asciidoc_7.1.2-1_all



        a2x  -  convert Asciidoc text file to PDF, XHTML, HTML Help, manpage or
        plain text


        a2x [OPTIONS] FILE


        A DocBook toolchain wrapper script that  translates  an  AsciiDoc  text
        file  FILE  to PDF, XHTML (single page or chunked), man page, HTML Help
        or plain text formats. PDF, XHTML, man page and HTML Help  formats  are
asciidoc(1)/xsltproc(1)/DocBook XSL Stylesheets
asciidoc(1) generated HTML
lynx(1).  The  htmlhelp format option generates .hhp, .hhc and
        .html files suitable for compilation to an HTML Help .chm file.


asciidoc(1) options.
        -d, --destination-dir=PATH
               Output directory. Defaults to source FILE directory.
        -f, --format=FORMAT
               Output format: chunked, htmlhelp, manpage, pdf, text or xhtml.
        -h, --help
               Print command-line syntax and program options to stdout.
               A path (relative to destination HTML files)  containing  admoni‐
               tion  and navigation icons. Defaults to ./images/icons/. Applies
               to xhtml, chunked, htmlhelp formats.
        -n, --dry-run
               Don’t do anything just print what would have been done.
               Suppress copying of distributed docbook-xsl stylesheet  and  the
               copying  of distributed admonition and navigation icons to their
               respective  destinations.  The  default  behavior  is  to  copy.
               Applies to xhtml, chunked, htmlhelp formats.
               Don’t  use  admonition or navigation icon images in output docu‐
               ments. This option also suppresses  copying  of  admonition  and
               navigation  icons  (see also --no-copy). The default behavior is
               to use icons (although they may or may not be supported  by  the
               output format).
               A  path  (relative to destination HTML files) specifying the CSS
               stylesheet  file.  Defaults  to  ./docbook-xsl.css.  Applies  to
               xhtml, chunked, htmlhelp formats.
        -v, --verbose
               Print  operational details to stderr. A second -v option applies
               the verbose option to toolchain commands.
               Print program version to stdout.
xsltproc(1) options.
        Output files are written to the directory specified by  the  --destina‐
        tion-dir option. If no --destination-dir option is set output files are
        written to the source FILE directory.
        Output files have the same name as the source FILE but with  an  appro‐
        priate  file  name  extension: .html for xhtml; .hhp for htmlhelp; .pdf
        for pdf; .text for text. By convention manpages have no .man  extension
        (man  page  section  number  only). Chunked HTML directory names have a
        .chunked extension; chunked HTML Help directory names have a  .htmlhelp
        Same named existing files are overwritten.
        Intermediate  output files are written to the source FILE directory and
        are not automatically deleted.
        Intermediate DocBook XML files generated by AsciiDoc are only  regener‐
        ated if out of date with respect to the AsciiDoc source FILE.
        In  addition  to  generating HTML files the xhtml, chunked and htmlhelp
        formats copy the DocBook XSL stylesheet plus admonition and  navigation
        icons  distributed  with AsciiDoc to their respective destination loca‐
        tions. Existing stylesheets and icons are only copied if they are newer
        than the destination files or if the destination files are missing.
        The xhtml format generates a single XHTML output page. The chunked for‐
        mat writes multiple per-section HTML pages to a  chunked  directory  in
        the  destination  directory. The chunked directory has the same name as
        the source FILE name plus a .chunked extension.


        a2x -f pdf doc/quickstart.txt
               Generates doc/quickstart.pdf.
        a2x -f chunked -d ../webpages guide.txt
               Creates chunked directory  ../webpages/guide.chunked  containing
               chunked  HTML  files.  Also copies docbook-xsl.css stylesheet to
               the ../webpages/guide.chunked directory plus admonition and nav‐
               igation   icons  to  the  ../webpages/guide.chunked/images/icons
bash(1) shell  and  requires  the  following
        programs (which may or may not be prepackaged with your Linux distribu‐
        DocBook XSL Stylesheets
        FOP (for PDF file generation)
        Lynx (for text file generation)
a2x(1) has been tested  on  Ubuntu  Linux  5.0.4
               with the following toolchain components:
        ·  bash 3.00.16.
        ·  DocBook  XSL Stylesheets 1.69.1 (with AsciiDoc drivers and patches).
        ·  xsltproc (libxml 20617, libxslt 10112 and libexslt 810).
        ·  FOP 0.20.5.
        ·  lynx 2.8.5rel.1.


        ·  Does not work with Bash versions prior to version 3.
        ·  See also the AsciiDoc distribution BUGS file.


        Written  by  Stuart  Rackham,  <srackham@methods.co.nz:   mailto:srack‐


        Copyright  (C)  2002-2006  Stuart Rackham. Free use of this software is
        granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).


What does Ubuntu mean?
Ubuntu is an African word meaning 'Humanity to others', or 'I am what I am because of who we all are'. The Ubuntu distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.