Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 manual page repository

Ubuntu is a free computer operating system based on the Linux kernel. Many IT companies, like DeployIS is using it to provide an up-to-date, stable operating system.

Provided by: dumputils_1.0.0-1_i386



        savedump  -  copy LKCD dump image from raw block device to a filesystem
        or ftp site.


        savedump [ [-r dumpdevice] || [-e dumpdevice]  ]  [-d  dumpdevice]  [-o


        savedump copies a LKCD dump image from a raw block device to a filesys‐
        tem or a ftp site.  Savedump is generally run via /etc/init.d/dumputils
        on  bootup, to automate dump recovery. Once invoked savedump reads it’s
        configuration information from /etc/dumputils.conf.
        The dumpdevice argument is the dump device  that  holds  the  raw  LKCD
        dump.  such as: /dev/vmdump
        The dump-path argument is the path to store the resulting dump file to.
        It may  be  a  path  on  a  filesystem  or  a  FTP  URL  in  the  form.
ftp://user:password@host:port/path  where  user,  password, port & path
        are optional.


        [-r]   Reset the raw LKCD dump from the dumpdevice, option is exclusive
               of -e
        [-e]   Erase the raw LKCD dump from the dumpdevice, option is exclusive
               of -r
        [-d]   Specify the dumpdevice overriding  DUMPDEV=  /etc/dumputils.conf
        [-o]   Specify    the    dump-path    overriding    DUMPDIR=   in   the
               /etc/dumputils.conf file.
        10     malloc() returned NULL, could not allocate memory
               Establishing FTP connection
        20     gethostbyname() returned 0, could not resolve hostname
        21     socket() returned -1, could not create socket
        22     connect() returned -1, could not connect to socket
        23     FTP, timeout waiting for response from server
        24     FTP, timeout while writing to server.
        31     fdopen() returned NULL, could not create filestream
        32     FTP, protocol error when getting response from server
        33     FTP, USER command failed.
        34     FTP, invalid user
        35     FTP, invalid login (password)
        36     FTP, SYST command failed
        37     FTP, bad response to SYST
        38     FTP, Could not open file
               Accessing DUMPDEVICE
        40     stat() returned -1, Can not stat DUMPDEVICE
        41     DUMPDEVICE is not a valid block device
               Parsing /etc/dumputils.conf
        50     No valid DUMPDEV= parameter found in /etc/duputils.conf
        51     No valid DUMPDIR= parameter found in /etc/duputils.conf
        53     Can not open /etc/duputils.conf
               General Errors
        60     Must be root to run savedump.
        61     Failed to mark dump as erased
        62     Failed to mark dump as valid (reset)
        63     Error parsing arguments
        64     stat() returned -1, Can not stat DUMPDIR (output)
        65     DUMPDIR is not a directory
        66     fcntl failed
               Parsing FTP URL
        71     URL is > 500 characters
        72     Not a RFC 1738 compliant URL
               Local filesystem
        81     Could not open or write to file, it may already  exist,  or  you
               don’t have permission
        82     Could not open /boot/System.map for read
        83     Could not open dump partition for read
        84     read, write or seek failed on dump partition
        85     Invalid dump header.
        86     Could not write dump, dump header, or dump page
        87     Dump is nothing but header
        88     Dump page read error
        89     Corruped dump, dump truncated


        Troy Heber <troy.heber@hp.com>


What does Ubuntu mean?
Ubuntu is an African word meaning 'Humanity to others', or 'I am what I am because of who we all are'. The Ubuntu distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.