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      aio_waitcomplete - wait for the next completion of an aio request


      Standard C Library (libc, -lc)


      #include <aio.h>
      aio_waitcomplete(struct aiocb **iocbp, struct timespec *timeout);


      The aio_waitcomplete() system call waits for completion of an asyn‐
      chronous I/O request.  Upon completion, aio_waitcomplete() returns the
      result of the function and sets iocbp to point to the structure associ‐
      ated with the original request.  If an asynchronous I/O request is com‐
      pleted before aio_waitcomplete() is called, it returns immediately with
      the completed request.
      If timeout is a non-NULL pointer, it specifies a maximum interval to wait
      for a asynchronous I/O request to complete.  If timeout is a NULL
      pointer, aio_waitcomplete() waits indefinitely.  To effect a poll, the
      timeout argument should be non-NULL, pointing to a zero-valued timeval
      The aio_waitcomplete() system call also serves the function of
      aio_return(), thus aio_return() should not be called for the control
      block returned in iocbp.
      If an asynchronous I/O request has completed, iocbp is set to point to
      the control block passed with the original request, and the status is
fsync(2).  On failure,
      aio_waitcomplete() returns -1, sets iocbp to NULL and sets errno to indi‐
      cate the error condition.


      The aio_waitcomplete() system call fails if:
      [EINVAL]           The specified time limit is invalid.
      [EAGAIN]           The process has not yet called aio_read() or
      [EINTR]            A signal was delivered before the timeout expired and
                         before any asynchronous I/O requests completed.
      [EINPROGRESS]      The specified time limit expired before any asyn‐
                         chronous I/O requests completed.


      The aio_waitcomplete() system call is a FreeBSD-specific extension.


      The aio_waitcomplete() system call first appeared in FreeBSD 4.0.


      The aio_waitcomplete() system call and this manual page were written by
      Christopher M Sedore 〈cmsedore@maxwell.syr.edu〉.


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