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      ath_hal - Atheros Hardware Access Layer (HAL)


      device ath_hal


      The ath_hal module provides hardware support for wireless network
      adapters based on the Atheros AR5210, AR5211, and AR5212 chips.  This
ath(4) driver.
      Devices supported by the ath_hal module come in either Cardbus or mini-
      PCI packages.


      The following cards are among those supported by the ath_hal module:
      Card                 Chip      Bus        Standard
      Aztech WL830PC       AR5212    CardBus    b/g
      D-Link DWL-A650      AR5210    CardBus    a
      D-Link DWL-AB650     AR5211    CardBus    a/b
      D-Link DWL-A520      AR5210    PCI        a
      D-Link DWL-AG520     AR5212    PCI        a/b/g
      D-Link DWL-AG650     AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
      D-Link DWL-G520B     AR5212    PCI        b/g
      D-Link DWL-G650B     AR5212    CardBus    b/g
      Elecom LD-WL54AG     AR5212    Cardbus    a/b/g
      Elecom LD-WL54       AR5211    Cardbus    a
      Fujitsu E5454        AR5212    Cardbus    a/b/g
      Fujitsu FMV-JW481    AR5212    Cardbus    a/b/g
      Fujitsu E5454        AR5212    Cardbus    a/b/g
      HP NC4000            AR5212    PCI        a/b/g
      I/O Data WN-AB       AR5212    CardBus    a/b
      I/O Data WN-AG       AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
      I/O Data WN-A54      AR5212    CardBus    a
      Linksys WMP55AG      AR5212    PCI        a/b/g
      Linksys WPC51AB      AR5211    CardBus    a/b
      Linksys WPC55AG      AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
      NEC PA-WL/54AG       AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
      Netgear WAG311       AR5212    PCI        a/b/g
      Netgear WAB501       AR5211    CardBus    a/b
      Netgear WAG511       AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
      Netgear WG311        AR5212    PCI        b/g
      Netgear WG511T       AR5212    CardBus    b/g
      Orinoco 8480         AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
      Orinoco 8470WD       AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
      Proxim Skyline 4030  AR5210    CardBus    a
      Proxim Skyline 4032  AR5210    PCI        a
      Samsung SWL-5200N    AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
      SMC SMC2735W         AR5210    CardBus    a
      Sony PCWA-C700       AR5212    Cardbus    a/b
      Sony PCWA-C300S      AR5212    Cardbus    b/g
      Sony PCWA-C500       AR5210    Cardbus    a
      3Com 3CRPAG175       AR5212    CardBus    a/b/g
      An up to date list can be found at


      The ath_hal module first appeared in FreeBSD 5.2.


      The ath_hal module is constructed from a binary component and operating
      system-dependent source code.  Redistribution and use in source and
      binary forms, without modification, are permitted provided that the con‐
      ditions set forth in sys/contrib/dev/ath/COPYRIGHT are observed.
ath(4) for known bugs.


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