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Provided by: xserver-xorg-input-dynapro_1.1.0-1ubuntu1_i386



        dynapro - Dynapro input driver


        Section "InputDevice"
          Identifier "idevname"
          Driver "dynapro"
          Option "Device"   "devpath"


        dynapro is an Xorg input driver for Dynapro devices...
        The dynapro driver functions as a pointer input device, and may be used
        as the X server’s core pointer.  THIS MAN PAGE NEEDS TO BE FILLED IN.
        What is supported...
        Please refer to xorg.conf(5x) for general configuration details and for
        options  that  can  be  used with all input drivers.  This section only
        covers configuration details specific to this driver.
        Config details...


        Authors include...


What does Ubuntu mean?
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