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Provided by: alicq_0.8.9-2_all



             alicqrc - Alicq configuration file


        alicq  condfiguration  file  is used to customize alicq during startup.
        Any configuration file can be specified with -config option  when  run‐
        ning  alicq. If -config option is not given, default configuration file
        is searched depending on current platgorm:
               primary configuration
               for backward compatibility
               where workingdir is a folder with alicq run file.
        Alicq startup file is just a Tcl script, which is sourced by main  pro‐
        gram.  It  looks like configuration file, but it is possible to use any
        Tcl command in it. For example, if you want to  keep  ICQ  password  in
        other file, you may write something like:
             source ~/.alicq/password
        where ~/.alicq/password contains string
        icq password mypassword
        icq password [eval_password_by_any_way]
        Common startup file usually contains following entities:
        calls of module loading commands
        calls of module configuration commands
        resources specifications
        arbitrary  Tcl  code  user  wants  to  evaluate in Alicq interpreter on
        Module loading command has following syntax: module module-name
             module tree
        Alicq looks for modules through a list of catalogues:
               where  basedir       is  a directory where current configuration
               file is read from.
               where workingdir is a directory where alicq  run  file  is  read
               where  workingdir  is  a  directory where alicq run file is read
        Each module can have number of configurable parameters.  These  parame‐
        ters can be specified in configuration file using following syntax:
         module-name configurable-parameter value
             icq uin 47298730
             icq roster use 1
             tree hide empty no
             tree hide offline yes
        List of supported configurable parameters can be retrieved with command
        alicq-info [ module-name ]


               Default startup file for Unix version of Alicq.
               Startup file of older versions of Alicq. Used for backward  com‐
        Alicq home page (http://alicq.sourceforge.net/)


        Alicq was written by Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg@mail.ru>.
        This     manual    page    was    written    by    Dmitry    Borodaenko
        <angdraug@debian.org>, based on Alicq README and slightly  reworked  by
        Vitus Wagner <vitus@ice.ru> and Ihar Viarheichyk <iverg@mail.ru>.
        This  is  free  documentation; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
        under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published  by  the
        Free  Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
        option) any later version.


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