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Provided by: amanda-common_2.5.1p1-2.1ubuntu1_i386



        amanda-client.conf - Client configuration file for Amanda, the Advanced
        Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver


        amanda-client.conf is the client configuration file  for  Amanda.  This
        manpage  lists  the  relevant  sections and parameters of this file for
        quick reference.
        The  files   <CONFIG_DIR>/amanda-client.conf   and   <CONFIG_DIR>/<con     
        fig>/amanda-client.conf are loaded.


        There  are a number of configuration parameters that control the behav‐
        ior of the Amanda programs. All have default values, so  you  need  not
        specify the parameter in amanda-client.conf if the default is suitable.
        Lines starting with # are ignored, as are blank lines. Comments may  be
        placed on a line with a directive by starting the comment with a #. The
        remainder of the line is ignored.
        Keywords are case insensitive, i.e.  auth  and  Auth  are  treated  the
        Integer arguments may have one of the following (case insensitive) suf‐
        fixes, some of which have a multiplier effect:
        b byte bytes
               Some number of bytes.
        bps    Some number of bytes per second.
        k kb kbyte kbytes kilobyte kilobytes
               Some number of kilobytes (bytes*1024).
        kps kbps
               Some number of kilobytes per second (bytes*1024).
        m mb meg mbyte mbytes megabyte megabytes
               Some number of megabytes (bytes*1024*1024).
        mps mbps
               Some number of megabytes per second (bytes*1024*1024).
        g gb gbyte gbytes gigabyte gigabytes
               Some number of gigabytes (bytes*1024*1024*1024).
        tape tapes
               Some number of tapes.
        day days
               Some number of days.
        week weeks
               Some number of weeks (days*7).
               The value inf may be used in most places  where  an  integer  is
               expected to mean an infinite amount.
               Boolean  arguments may have any of the values y, yes, t, true or
               on to indicate a true state, or n, no, f, false or off to  indi‐
               cate a false state. If no argument is given, true is assumed.
        conf  string
               Default: Set by configure. The conf use by amrecover.
        index_server  string
               Default:  Set  by  configure. The amindexd server amrecover will
               connect to.
        tape_server  string
               Default: Set by configure. The amidxtaped server amrecover  will
               connect to.
        tapedev  string
               Default: Set by configure. The tapedev amrecover will use.
        auth  string
               Default:  bsd.  Type  of  authorization  to perform between tape
               server and backup client hosts.
               bsd, bsd authorization with udp initial connection and  one  tcp
               connection by data stream.
               bsdtcp, bsd authorization but use only one tcp connection.
               bsdudp,  like  bsd, but will use only one tcp connection for all
               data stream.
               krb4 to use Kerberos-IV authorization.
               krb5 to use Kerberos-V authorization.
               rsh to use rsh authorization.
               ssh to use OpenSSH authorization.
        ssh_keys  string
               Default: No default. The key file the ssh auth will use, it must
               be the private key. If this parameter is not specified, then the
               deafult ssh key will be used.
        gnutar_list_dir  string
               Default from configure --with-gnutar-listdir=DIR. The  directory
               where gnutar keep its state file.
        amandates  string
               Default:  /etc/amandates.  The  file  where amanda keep the last
               date of each dumplevel.


        James da Silva, <jds@amanda.org>: Original text
        Stefan G. Weichinger, <sgw@amanda.org>, maintainer of the  Amanda-docu‐
        mentation: XML-conversion, major update, splitting


What does Ubuntu mean?
Ubuntu is an African word meaning 'Humanity to others', or 'I am what I am because of who we all are'. The Ubuntu distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.