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Provided by: searchandrescue_0.8.2-7_i386



        SearchAndRescue - Air rescue flight simulator


        SearchAndRescue [options] [GUI_options]


        Helicopter based search and rescue flight simulator, pilot a variety of
        user editable rescue aircraft through customizeable missions and rescue
        victims in distress.  Uses OpenGL and glX for graphics, Ylib for sound,
        and libjsw for joystick support (not available on all platforms).


        --config <file>
               Load configuration from <file>.
               Same as --config.
        -f     Same as --config.
        --control <type>
               Specify which controller to use at start up.  <type> can be key‐
               board or joystick.
        -c     Same as --control.
               Use direct hardware rendering (default).
               Use software rendering instead of direct hardware rendering.
               Always  perform  full  (not  partial)  menu  redraws  (slow  but
               required for certain accelerated video cards).
        --display <address>
               Specifies display address (UNIX/X version only).
        --font <name>
               Specifies the default font to use on GUI related outputs. Reffer
               to your GUI manual for the proper font name formats.
        --geometry <WxH+X+Y>
               Specifies the geometry of the toplevel window, example "--geome‐
               try 640x480+100+120" to make the window 640  by  480  pixels  in
               size  and  at  coordinate position 100,120 (relative to the root
               Specifies to switch to full screen on startup, use this  if  and
               only  if  your  GUI  does  not  support manual switching to full
               screen. You may need to specify the --geometry argument to spec‐
               ify the size of the full screen resolution.
        --aspect_offset <coeff>
               Specifies  a  floating coefficient value to be applied to screen
               aspect calculations, example a value of -0.2 when your screen is
               800  by  600 then the aspect would be 800/600 + (-0.2) = 1.333 -
               0.2 = 1.133.
        --recorder <address>
               Specifies recorder address (UNIX/Y version only).
               Do not connect to sound server at startup (overrides  the  value
               set in the configuration).
               No  menu  background images (speeds up the redrawing when in the
               Do not print routine messages to stdout.
               Print debugging runtime detection of various resources  to  std‐
               out.  This  may  help  detect  points of failure or crash during
               startup or exiting.
               Print debugging  of  internal  runtime  information  (messy  and
               terse)  to  stdout.  This  will only print debugging information
               about internal resources belonging to the program.
        --help Prints (this) help screen and exits.
               Prints version information and exits.


               Default desktop icon for this program.
               Local configuration file.
               Data directory for this program’s proprietery data files.
               Preset values list for humanoid objects.
               List of music file referances for corresponding situations.
               List of default textures to be loaded during simulation.
               Preset weather values for a list of defined weather  conditions.
        SEARCHANDRESCUE_DATA Specifies alternate global data directory for this
               Specifies the address to the X display.
        HOME   Specifies the home directory.
               Specifies the gamma value, used only on software rendering  with
               the Mesa3D library.


        To run this program the standard way, type:
        # SearchAndRescue &
        To run in full screen mode at 640x480 resolution, type:
        # SearchAndRescue --geometry "640x480" --fullscreen &
        To specify the geometry and force software rendering, type:
        # SearchAndRescue --geometry "640x480+240+350" --software_rendering &


        General keys (can be used anywhere):
        CTRL + F11
               Toggles between full screen and windowed modes.
        CTRL + ]
               Increase resolution to the next step.
        CTRL + [
               Decrease resolution to the previous step.
        CTRL + C
               Screen shot.
        Menu keys:
        TAB    Focus next.
        SHIFT + TAB
               Focus previous.
               Focus change/highlight/scroll.
        ENTER  Activate focused.
        Simulation keys:
        F1     Display ‘quick help’.
        F2     Switch to cockpit view.
        F3     Spot view.
        F4     Fly by tower view.
        F5     Rescue basket view.
        LEFT   Bank left.
        RIGHT  Bank right.
        DOWN   Pitch down.
        UP     Pitch up.
        CTRL + LEFT
               Heading left.
        CTRL + RIGHT
               Heading right.
               Change camera direction or position.
               Normalize view.
        PGUP   Increase throttle.
        PGDN   Decrease throttle.
        HOME   Elevator trim down or slew up in slew mode.
        END    Elevator trim up or slew down in slew mode.
        CTRL + HOME
               Elevator trim center.
        MINUS  Zoom out.
        PLUS   Zoom in.
        CTRL + MINUS
               Rescue basket hoist out.
        CTRL + PLUS
               Rescue basket hoist in.
        E      Start up engines.
        SHIFT + E
               Turn engines off.
        Y      Tilt rotors/pitch engines.
        G      Raise/lower landing gears (retractable gears only).
        P      Select hoist deployment type.
        D      Close/open door.
        O      Toggle strobes (flashing lights).
        L      Toggle lighting (including spot light).
        SHIFT + L
               Toggle spot light.
        CTRL + L
               Center spot light.
        H      HUD and outside text brighten.
        SHIFT + H
               HUD and outside text darken.
        A      Autopilot/autohover on/off.
        M      Map view.
        W      Select next way point.
        SHIFT + W
               Select previous way point.
        I      FLIR (night vision).
        F      Fuel status and aloft time left dependent of available fuel.
        SHIFT + F
               Transfer fuel from external fuel tanks.
        CTRL + F
               Jetteson external fuel tanks.
        S      Print scores, payload, occupancy, and mission status.
        PERIOD Wheel brakes.
        SHIFT + PERIOD
               Parking brakes.
        B      Deploy/retract air brakes.
        R      Refuel  and/or repair (only when landed on a helipad with refuel
               and/or repair facilities).
        Z      Decelerate time (slow motion).
        SHIFT + Z
               Accelerate time (compress time).
        CTRL + Z
               Normalize time rate.
        CTRL + W
               Change weather.
        CTRL + A
               Slew/flight toggle.
        /      Literal command.
        T      Increase time of day (does not affect other timmings).
        SHIFT + T
               Decrease time of day (does not affect other timmings).
        CTRL + D
               Adjust flight physics difficulty.
        CTRL + S
               Adjust sound level.
        CTRL + U
               Change units.
        F9     Toggle ground base texture (not objects or landmarks).
        F10    Toggle atmosphere.
        F11    Toggle object texturing.
        F12    Toggle clouds and horizon.
        SHIFT + F9
               Toggle dual pass depth.
        SHIFT + F10
               Toggle celestial objects.
        SHIFT + F11
               Toggle smoke trails.
        SHIFT + F12
               Toggle rotor wash effects.


        In simulation joystick functions:
               Bank and pitch (respectivly).
        STICK AXIS Z
        HAT    Camera direction/position.
        Joystick button functions are mappable,  see  Options->Controller->But‐


        Dan Stimits
               Code design consultant and beta testing
        Stefan Marion
               Beta testing and aircraft design consultant
        Capt Tara Milana
               Head  programmer, 3d models, flight dynamics, and scenery graph‐
               ics artist
        Search and Rescue home page


What does Ubuntu mean?
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