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Ubuntu is a free computer operating system based on the Linux kernel. Many IT companies, like DeployIS is using it to provide an up-to-date, stable operating system.

Provided by: adonthell-data_0.3.4.cvs.20050903-2.2ubuntu2_all



        adonthell-wastesedge - Waste’s Edge game for the Adonthell engine.




        As  a  loyal  servant  of  the elven Lady Silverhair, you arrive at the
        remote trading post of Waste’s Edge, where she is engaged  in  negotia‐
        tions with the dwarish merchant Bjarn Fingolson. But not all is well at
        Waste’s Edge, and soon you are confronted with circumstances  that  are
        about  to  destroy your mistress’ high reputation. And you are the only
        one to avert this ...
        adonthell (6)


        This manual page  was  written  by  Alexandre  Courbot  <alexandrecour‐
        bot@linuxgames.com>,  for  the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used
        by others).


What does Ubuntu mean?
Ubuntu is an African word meaning 'Humanity to others', or 'I am what I am because of who we all are'. The Ubuntu distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.