Ubuntu Feisty 7.04 manual page repository

Ubuntu is a free computer operating system based on the Linux kernel. Many IT companies, like DeployIS is using it to provide an up-to-date, stable operating system.

Provided by: asciijump_0.0.6-3_i386



        asciijump - small and funny ASCII-art game about ski jumping




        This is very funny multiplayer game - you can play with friends or cpu.
        There two modes of play - World Cup and Training.  You will be able  to
        select from few hills - for example czumulungma and findland.
        To play you have to know this shortcuts:
        enter -  jump
        enter -  telemark
        right -  move right
        left  -  move left
        up    -  scroll menu up
        down  -  scroll menu down
        space -  select position
        tab   -  next widget
        q     -  leave hill


        grzegorz moskal <g.moskal@opengroup.org>,
        michal moskal <malekith@pld.org.pl>,
        przemek niezobrala <finburson@o2.pl>.


What does Ubuntu mean?
Ubuntu is an African word meaning 'Humanity to others', or 'I am what I am because of who we all are'. The Ubuntu distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.