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Provided by: openrpg_1.6.3-1.1_all



        openrpg-server-cli - The command line server for OpenRPG


        openrpg-server-cli [options]


        OpenRPG is a virtual table top to play pen and paper role playing games
        and some miniature board games. It is not a game itself but a  tool  to
        allow you to play these types of games with others online.
        openrpg-server-cli  launches a OpenRPG server and offers a command line
        interface to manage it.
        openrpg-server-cli is only a wrapper  for  the  start_server.py  script
        that starts the command line server for OpenRPG.


        -h, --help
               show command-line options summary
        -n name
               sets the server name
        -l password
               lobby boot password
        -p     requests  registration  in meta server (to allow other people to
               connect to your server), if -p is given, -n NAME and -  l  PASS‐
               WORD must be also provided


        This manual page was written by Isaac Clerencia <isaac@sindominio.net>,
        for the Debian project (but may be used by others).


What does Ubuntu mean?
Ubuntu is an African word meaning 'Humanity to others', or 'I am what I am because of who we all are'. The Ubuntu distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.