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Provided by: mailman_2.1.9-4ubuntu1_i386



        add_members - Add members to a list from the command line.


        add_members [-r <file>] [-d <file>] [-y <y|n>] [-w <y|n>] [-h] listname


        Add members from a file to a mailman list. Listname is the name of  the
        Mailman list you are adding members to.  It must already exist.


        -r file, --regular-members-file=file
               A  file  containing  addresses  of  the members to be added, one
               address per line.  This list of people  become  non-digest  mem‐
               bers.   If  file  is  ‘-’,  read addresses from stdin. Note that
               -n/--non-digest-members-file are deprecated  synonyms  for  this
        -d file, --digest-members-file=file
               Similar to above, but these people become digest members.
        -a [y|n], --admin-notify=[y|n]
               Set  whether  or not to send the list administrators a notifica‐
               tion on the success/failure of these  subscriptions,  overriding
               whatever the list’s ‘admin_notify_mchanges’ setting is.
        -w [y|n], --welcome-msg=[y|n]
               Set  whether  or not to send the list members a welcome message,
               overriding whatever the list’s ‘send_welcome_msg’ setting is.
        -h, --help
               Print a help message and exit.


        You must supply at least one of -r and -d options.  At most one of  the
        files can be ‘-’.
http://www.list.org/ for
        information.   This   manpage   is   written   by   Tollef   Fog   Heen
        <tfheen@debian.org> for Debian
http://www.list.org/     and    in


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