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Provided by: courier-mta_0.53.3-5ubuntu1_i386



        makesmtpaccess - Build ESMTP server access file




        makesmtpaccess rebuilds the contents of the /etc/courier/smtpaccess.dat
        database from the contents of the files in the  /etc/courier/smtpaccess
        directory. When the esmtpd script starts couriertcpd, the script speci‐
        fies /etc/courier/smtpaccess.dat file to control  access  to  Courier’s
        ESMTP  server  daemon. The makesmtpaccess script must be run before any
        changes in the /etc/courier/smtpaccess directory take effect.
couriertcpd(8) manual page describes  the  general  format  of  the
        access file.
        The   default   Courier   configuration  uses  the  same  access  file,
        /etc/courier/smtpaccess.dat for both the regular ESMTP server, and  the
        message  submission  server  on port 587 (RFC 2476).  It is possible to
        use different access files. To do so, create a different  access  file,
        edit /etc/courier/esmtpd-msa, and set ACCESSFILE to the filename of the
        access file directory (the directory containing the plain  text  files,
        not  the  .dat file).  Then, use makesmtpaccess-msa instead of makesmt     
        paccess to build the .dat file.
couriertcpd(8) manual page describes  the  generic  format  of  the
        access  file.   The access file specifies what should be done with con‐
        nections from defined IP address ranges.   The  basic  choices  are  to
        accept  or  reject  the  connection.   Also,  the generic format of the
        access file allows arbitrary environment variables to be set  based  on
        the connection’s remote IP address.
        Courier’s  ESMTPD  server  understands  the following environment vari‐
        ables, which may be set in the access file:
        BLOCK  If this variable is set to a non-empty value, all mail  will  be
               rejected  for  this connection.  The contents of the environment
               variable will be used as the error message.   This  is  not  the
               same  as  the  couriertcpd  access file setting that immediately
               drops the connection.  The incoming connection is accepted,  but
               every message will be rejected.
courierfax(8) module.
               Note: When ESMTP authentication is enabled, a successful authen‐
               tication automatically sets FAXRELAYCLIENT.
               Allow the client to relay mail.
               Note: When ESMTP authentication is enabled, a successful authen‐
               tication automatically sets RELAYCLIENT.
        The following options are typically set globally in the esmtpd configu‐
        ration file, but may be overriden in the smtpaccess configuration file:
               Do not check the return address’s domain in DNS if this environ‐
               ment variable is set to 0.  The default value of BOFHCHECKDNS is
               Note:  Turning off the DNS check disables a number of options in
courier(8) for  more  informa‐
               Set  this  variable  to  1 to check the hostname argument to the
               ESMTP HELO/EHLO command, as follows:
               · A hostname that’s actually an IP address, and is the  same  as
                 the connecting ESMTP client’s IP address, is valid.
               · Otherwise hostname should be a valid DNS name with MX and/or A
                 records, with at least  one  record  matching  the  connecting
                 ESMTP client’s IP address.
               · An ESMTP client with relaying privileges (either due to RELAY     
                 CLIENT explicitly set, or if it succesfully authenticates) may
                 use  anything for an EHLO/HELO.  The EHLO/HELO argument coming
                 from an authenticated/relaying client is not checked.
               Disable the EXPN command if this environment variable is set  to
               Disable  the VRFY command if this environment variable is set to
submit(8)  manual


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