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Provided by: arpwatch_2.1a13-2_i386



        massagevendor  -  convert the ethernet vendor codes master list to arp‐
        watch format


        massagevendor vendorfile


        massagevendor is a program that converts a text file containing ether‐
arpwatch(8) and arp     
snmp(8).  The input vendorfile is a master text file containing vendor
        codes. The output is sent to stdout.  Each line of the vendorfile is
        expected to have a six digit hexadecimal vendor code followed by spaces
        followed by the name of the manufacturer.
        All ethernet devices have a unique identifier which includes a vendor
        code specifying the manufacturer of the device. In normal operation
arpsnmp(8) use the file ethercodes.dat to report this
        vendor code.  massagevendor is used to generate the ethercodes.dat file
        from text files containing these vendor codes.
        Locations where an ethernet vendor codes master text file can be
        obtained are given below.


        /usr/share/arpwatch - default location of the ethernet vendor list
        ethercodes.dat - file containing the list of ethernet vendor codes


        Sources for ethernet vendor codes seen in the wild are
        Useful for comparison or completeness are the
        ethernet vendor codes as assigned
        by the IEEE which can be found at


        Please send bug reports to arpwatch@ee.lbl.gov.


        Craig Leres of the Lawrence Berkeley National  Laboratory  Network  Re‐
        search Group, University of California, Berkeley, CA.
        The current version is available via anonymous ftp:
        This manual page was contributed by Hugo Graumann.


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